Diesel, Unleaded Premium, Premium ULP and High Octane Fuels

We are committed to providing you with high quality diesel products for your all business applications whether it be marine, agriculture, mining or road transport. Quality has been designed into the fuels we supply, and this is upheld as the product moves from the refinery, into the distribution chain and finally into your vehicle or vessel. To maintain this throughout the supply chain, we have rigorous quality control procedures to safeguard our fuel quality every step of the way.

Our Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel Fuel follows the latest requirements in environmental standards for Automotive Australian Distilate. We do not blend, mix additives or change the fuel quality in any way. Our product is backed by the largest supplier of Automotive Distillate in the world.

We are dedicated to upholding the quality of our diesel supplied to all our customers with the understanding that our product has been designed with the following priorities:

> Provide energy for power

> Provide good fuel economy

> Allow easy start-up

> Flow readily in cold temperatures

> Protect the fuel delivery system

> Provide low emissions

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Our quality petrols are available in three octane grades, all with high levels of detergents that help protect against fuel injector and intake valve deposits. All our petrols provide power, easy startup and help minimize emissions in your vehicles.


With an octane level of 91 this is our largest selling petrol grade. It is designed with a cleaning element that helps keep your vehicle’s fuel injectors and intake valves clean when used regularly.


With an octane level of 95 RON it represents a balance of benefits found between 91 and 98 RON.


With an octane level of 98 RON it gives your vehicle additional power, smoothness and emissions savings.

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We can supply the full range of aviation products in either bulk delivery or in drums, including:

> Jet A1

> Aviation Gasoline

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