All features are available to be switched on or off for each user of the system.
Quick activation
Single "quick" card activation.
Single and bulk card actions
FuelCard management facility with online registration capabilities for single and bulk card actions (NOTE: by default only lists basic operations for registered cards)
Cost centres per card
Cost centres per card which can be filtered and reported.
PIN changes
Manage your own PIN changes as required.
Odometer prompting
We can prompt your drivers to record their odometer readings for you.
Product restriction changing
Change your product restriction settings as required.
Time of day changes
Change your time of day settings as required.
Card blocking
Block card use instantly, as required.
Account details access
Ability to see account details such as payment terms, bank account details, balances, and the sales person assigned to the account.
Credit limit(s) alterations
Ability to view credit limit and apply for an increase.
Live transaction & payment history
Live transaction & payment history for seamless management.
Transaction exporting
Flat-file exports of all payment and transaction history with filtering options on date, cost centre, card description and more.
Seamlessly download current and past statements
Customisable user access
Authorised users can see all cards and have greater privileges enabling them to use all the available features.