Mogas are committed to providing you with high quality diesel products for your all business applications whether it be marine, agriculture, mining or road transport. Quality has been designed into the fuels we supply, and this is upheld as the product moves from the refinery, into the distribution chain and finally into your vehicle or vessel. To maintain this throughout the supply chain, we have rigorous quality control procedures to safeguard our fuel quality every step of the way.


Mobil™ Lubricant Checker

Use our Lubricant Recommendation Tool to find the lubricant you require.

Our Mobil™, ExxonMobil™ and Mogas™ branded lubricants are:

> Developed with close Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) involvement

> Engineered for excellence

> Comprehensively lab and field tested

> Typically formulated to exceed industry and OEM requirements

> Continuously improved by research to maintain leading edge performance

> An unparalleled suite of synthetic lubricants for the most demanding applications.


> ExxonMobil Product Data Sheet

> Conoco Lubricant MSDS

Require an Oil analysis? Want more information? Contact us and our team of experts will gladly assist.

We stock a full range of automotive and commercial:

> Engine Oils

> Gear Oils

> Transmission Fluids

> Industrial Lubricants

We stock a full range of automotive and commercial:

> Chain Oils

> Compressor Oils

> Gear Lubes

> General Purpose Greases

> Hydraulic Oils

> Rail Road Lubes

> Tranmission and Differential Oils.

We can assist in selecting generic and specialist applications for marine use including a full range of mineral, synthetic and food grade lubricants.

We supply general aviation lubricants including:

> Aviation Oil Elite 20W-50 – Semi Synthetic multigrade Ashless

> Aviation Oil EE – ashless dispersant monograde mineral

> Aviation Oil – Non dispersant monograde mineral oils.